Interior City Tracking Sessions

Travis Orbin’s Complete Drum Sessions (Playlist)

Selections from Gabriel Riccio’s Piano Sessions (Playlist)

A brief look inside the vocal sessions

Live Performances

Half of our debut show at Martyrs’ Live, 10/5/15


Logical Phalluses – Pyrorapture / Fred & Ethel (Travis Orbin Drum Tracking Session)

Chamber Music (Playlist)

Dark Ambient Piano Improv #2

Guest Appearances

Instar – “One Word at a Time”

Cheer-Accident – “Sun Dies” [Live @ Martyrs’ June 19th, 2015]

Sacha Mullin – “Questions” (from ‘So Weird’) [Live @ Burlington 13 JUNE 2015]

ItsTeeth – “Temporary Thought Exchange” (Travis Orbin Drum Tracking Session)

Being – “Arcane Academic” (Gabriel’s guest appearance is at 2:20, Travis’s is at 2:58)

Ben Starr – “Assumpta Est Maria”