Stick Men Book

The Stick Men book has been printed and is available for purchase at here! Thanks a ton to everyone who contributed – we raised far more than we originally anticipated! The book looks beautiful:

It’s available with or without playalong tracks.

I didn’t realize this while working on the book, but I believe it’s the first book of sheet music ever made for Markus Reuter’s Touch Guitars. I’ve also been working with Markus on his art music compositions, and got the opportunity to collaborate with him on arranging his first published piece for solo piano. You can hear the debut performance below:

On an unrelated note, the session I did for Fountainhead will be coming out on August 5th. The EP can be preordered at Bandcamp. You can hear one of the songs I sang on at Metalsucks.

Travis Orbin – Projects II

Travis’s third solo EP, Projects II, is out now. It’s a bit like Projects with synths. Adam Edgement (Dyed in Grey) returns on guitar duty, while Cameron McLellan (Protest the Hero) delivers a blistering bass performance in his first appearance on Orbin’s music. I had the pleasure of playing keys and recording a sax freakout by TGC’s own Jeff Seigfried for the final track. Give it a listen below or purchase a copy at Bandcamp:

Here is Travis’s full tracking video for this EP:

Read more on the EP at

TGC @ The Elbo Room, 3/24/16

1. in progress:

2. We will be playing a show at The Elbo Room on Thursday March 24, 2016 with the following lineup:

9PM: Sea Charms
10PM: The Gabriel Construct
11PM: Sacha Mullin (solo piano/vocal set)
Midnight: Balkan Blue Band

Tickets ($9)
Facebook event

3. The Stick Men score book has been successfully funded! We have currently raised 116% of our goal and the book is due for release in late June. Thanks, everyone!

Stick Men Campaign

I have been enjoying the pleasure of working with Stick Men (Tony Levin, Markus Reuter, Pat Mastelotto) to create a sheet music book for their records ‘Absalom‘, ‘Open‘, and ‘Deep‘. Today, we have launched a crowd funding campaign on PledgeMusic to fund the printing of this book:

We are excited to announce that we have been working on a sheet music book for our records ‘Absalom’ and ‘Deep’. In order to allow fans and players to delve deeper into our music, the book will feature notation and tablature (in the original tunings) of all of the stick and touch guitar parts from those records and the title tracks from ‘Open’, plus anecdotes about each song. We will be producing both physical and digital PDF versions of the score, plus a PDF version of the acoustic drum parts for Deep. All packages will also include an early version of a new studio track, entitled ‘Embracing the Sun’.

Gabriel Riccio (of Trey Gunn’s book) is creating notation for all of the parts and working closely with Markus Reuter and Tony Levin to make sure the tablature reflects exactly how the parts were played on their instruments. However, the notation will give you the tools to translate this music to another instrument of your choice, whether it be standard guitar or bass, piano, glockenspiel, or qanun. It can also serve as a study score if you’d like to analyze the music and dissect its inner workings.

If we reach 125% of our goal, we will also include our arrangement of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite.

You will also be able to purchase digital playalong tracks to accompany the score. There will be 3 versions of each song – one without drums, one without touch guitar, and one without stick.

Your pledge is very valuable, as it will allow us to commission the transcriptions, print high quality spiral bound physical copies of the book, and mix and master the playalong tracks. If you can’t contribute, sharing the campaign will also be of great help.

Thank you,
Tony, Pat, Markus & Gabriel

Here is a sample page:
02 On Off_0004

Please contribute if you can, and thanks a ton for all of your support!

vod vs Stephen Harper

harperiaDaev Tremblay of Can This Even Be Called Music? (one of my favorite blogs for experimental music) contacted me with a rather unusual request on Thursday – he wanted me to soothingly sing protest lyrics against Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper over some experimental black metal. This sounded appealing to me both musically and politically, so I decided to give it a try. However, he needed it done by the next morning, so I knocked this out in a few hours. This is possibly the fastest I’ve ever finished a track, and while I would consider my vocal performance a demo in a lot of ways (I didn’t warm up, tracked the whole thing sitting down, and many of the takes are first takes, or even the very moment that I came up with the melodic line), I’m strangely satisfied by it. Enjoy!

Footage from three first shows

Here is the first half of the first TGC show ever:

The video features performances of Arrival in a Distant Land, Retreat Underground, Subway Dwellers, and the first part of Fear of Humanity. Take a look at the full setlist, or check out an excerpt from Sacha Mullin’s opening set.

Here is a video of the song ‘Sun Dies’ from the show Sophia and I played with CHEER-ACCIDENT on June 19 (also featuring Sacha Mullin and Dante Kester, and also at Martyrs’):

Setlist – Sophia and I also performed on ‘Language Is’ and ‘Rockabilly’, and Sophia made an appearance on ‘Ice Cream and Lies’.

And here is some footage of a cover of the So Weird song ‘Questions’ from the first show I played as a sideman for Sacha (June 13th at The Burlington – setlist):

Logical Phalluses

band photo with name

Logical Phalluses are the demented, sex-crazed alter-ego of The Gabriel Construct. Inspired by John Waters, John Cage, John Christ, John Zorn, John Cale, John Butler, John Tavener, John Frusciante, John Wetton, Frank Zappa, Tom Waits, Mr. Bungle, and Tronald Dumpf.

Lineup: see the lineup for Spinning Webs, plus Alex Ellsworth (cello)

‘Pyrorapture’ written by Skull Fist
‘Fred & Ethel’, ‘A Vacation in Your Spleen’ and artwork created by Sophia Uddin
Recorded and produced by Gabriel Riccio except:
Drums & percussion arranged, recorded and mixed by Travis Orbin
Piano on Pyro & F&E recorded by Jeremy Goody at Megasonic Studios
Mixed and Mastered by William Wells at Eeyore’s Lair

Drum tracking video:

Drum charts:
Pyrorapture – Drum Set | Percussion
Fred & Ethel – Drum Set | Percussion



The Gabriel Construct will be playing our first live show on October 5, 2015 at Martyrs Live in Chicago, IL (8PM). We will be appearing alongside tapping player Matt Tate’s band Pavlov and singer Sacha Mullin’s solo outfit. TGC’s lineup will be as follows:

Gabriel Riccio – Vocals, keys
Sophia Uddin – Violin, vocals
Jeff Siegfried – Sax, vocals
Sacha Mullin – Vocals, keys
Bill Banks – Guitar
Dante Kester – Bass
Thor Bremer – Drums

Bill Banks and I will also be appearing in Sacha Mullin’s band, so give his solo album a listen before coming out. We hope to see you there!

Buy Tickets ($7)

Travis Orbin – Silly String

Travis’s second solo EP, Silly String, is now available! It’s a bit more adventurous and synth-driven than his first EP, and I had the pleasure of engineer and re-amping guitars and bass on the first two tracks, in addition to providing compositional feedback along the way. Greg Loman of TGC & Funk Ark performed the guitars and bass on the first track. The great Pete Peterson was responsible for all of the synths and the EP’s mix, in addition to the bass on the final track. Give it a listen below or purchase a copy at Bandcamp:

As usual, Travis has posted a tracking video for all but the last song (which can be seen here):

June Gigs & New Live Members

I will be playing 2 gigs in Chicago this month. Neither is with The Gabriel Construct, but both are alongside members of TGC’s new live lineup. These will be the first gigs I’ve played in nearly 2 years!

1) I will be performing keyboards and backing vocals with a talented songwriter named Sacha Mullin (CHEER-ACCIDENT, Lovely Little Girls) on Saturday 6/13 at The Burlington (9pm) (see Facebook event). Give a listen to Sacha’s debut record, Whelm – we will be performing three songs from that record and two new songs. Guzzlemug is the backing band on the album, but guitarist Shane Prendiville (also of Murmur) is the only member of Guzzlemug that will be performing with us. Shane also recently joined The Gabriel Construct’s live lineup!

The band will be filled out by C-A / LLG members Cory Bengsten on bass (though he plays sax for C-A and LLG) and L. Wyatt on vocals, in addition to drummer Ben Scholz of The Elec Tet.

2) I will be playing keys on a few songs for CHEER-ACCIDENT at Martyrs on June 19th (also 9pm) (see Facebook event). Their bass player, Dante Kester, has also joined TGC’s live lineup. Sophia Uddin will be performing violin with them, as well! Cheer-Accident have been around since the early ’80s and have released somewhere around 18 records in multiple styles.

The show is a CD release party for District 97, who served as John Wetton’s backing band for a ’70s King Crimson cover tour. It is rounded out by Lovely Little Girls, who will perform a small set in the middle of C-A’s set.

So there you have it – two gigs which I am honored to be a part of, and two new member announcements for TGC’s live band. Come out and see us in action!