If you are looking to purchase or perform one of my works or wish to commission a piece, please email me for more information.

Selected Chamber Music Compositions

  • Flirtation?‘ for flute and alto saxophone (Fall 2014) (~8 min)
    • – Commissioned by The Harlow Ensemble and debuted by the group at the Navy Band International Saxophone Symposium at Shenandoah University on 1/9/2015.
  • Between Entwines‘ for piano and violin (Summer 2011) (co-composed with Sophia Uddin) (~8.5 min)
    • – ‘Between Entwines’ was written during the summer of 2011, and was the first collaborative work by Gabriel Riccio and Sophia Uddin. It began when Gabriel sent Sophia a tiny sketch for her to augment and return. It continued to grow from there, mostly through email correspondence, with some additional work done in chat boxes and in person.
    • – Performed by the composers at the Swarthmore Student & Alumni Composers’ Concert on 10/29/11:
    • – Performed by the composers at the 11th Annual Festival of Contemporary Music in San Francisco at the Community Music Center on 08/17/2013.
    • – Performed at the Baltimore Composers’ Forum’s ‘Sound Connections’ concert on 4/21/12 and again the day after by Nicholas Currie and Diane Green of Trio Giocoso
  • Two Movements for Two Antiphonal Pianos
    • I. From Separation to Unity: Two Pianos in Three, Four, and Five (2005-8) (~11 min)
      • – Performed by Benjamin Rachbach and Corey Silberstein at a Swarthmore College Fetter Chamber Music Concert on 4/5/09 and at ‘The Only Concert Ever for Violin and Tuba‘ on 11/21/08
      • – Performed by professor Paul Taylor and Jennifer Bersagalia at the Morehead State University & Southeastern Composers League Forum 2013 Contemporary Piano Residency, 3/2/13 and again at the end of April 2013
    • II. In the Sky (unperformed) (2008-11) (~8 min)
  • Two Pieces for Four Hands [Piano]’ (unperformed) (2011) (~8 min)
    • – These lighthearted and silly pieces were assembled in fall 2011 from a number of ideas that had been sitting on my hard drive for a very long time. The second movement is a circus music transformation of themes from the first.
  • Tangles of Roots‘ for string quartet and piano (unperformed work in progress) (2011)
    • – ‘Tangles of Roots’ was composed in the first half of 2011. It began as a lighthearted, spontaneous growth from a very somber string quartet movement and soon became an independent movement, augmented by a piano. It was completed around the time that Sophia Uddin and I were working on ‘Between Entwines’. Soon after, Sophia sent me a 20-bar sketch for solo piano she had written in 2007, centered around two sets of parallel perfect fifths. It seemed so similar to the piano introduction I had written for the quintet that I asked Sophia if I could expand her sketch into a larger prelude to attach to my introduction. The result was ‘Prelude to a Garden Hose’.
  • Interruptions‘, ‘Hedonistic Ritual‘, ‘Spectres, Remnants‘ for string quartet (2010) (~12.5 min)
    • – Performed by The Mandelbrot Quartet (Sophia Uddin, Amy Langdon, Leland Kusmer, Benjamin Dair) at the ‘Mandelbrot & Menage’ concert on 4/22/11:
    • – Debuted by The Mandelbrot Quartet at the Swarthmore Student & Alumni Composers’ Concert on 11/6/10 (first movement only):

    • – Awarded the Melvin B. Troy Prize for composition in 2011.
  • Winding Through Angles‘ for solo alto saxophone (2009) (~5 min) (on 5-note chromatic cells)
    • – ‘Winding through Angles’ for solo alto saxophone was composed in spring 2009 under the tutelage of Gerald Levinson. At any given point, the piece is centered around a group of five chromatic pitch classes contained in a major third. It modulates between different groups of five notes until all twelve pitch classes are used in the work. To allow for greater rhythmic freedom, I did not use bar lines in the sheet music. I chose the saxophone because it is an instrument capable of great expression, largely underused in the classical world.
    • – Performed by Soren Larson at a Swarthmore College Fetter Chamber Music Concert on 11/20/10 and at a Swarthmore Midday Monday concert, late 2010
    • – Performed by Sam Lorber at the 4th Annual Student & Alumni Composers Concert on 11/2/13
    • – Recorded in Swarthmore’s Lang Concert Hall by Sam Lorber in 2014: