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I have been enjoying the pleasure of working with Stick Men (Tony Levin, Markus Reuter, Pat Mastelotto) to create a sheet music book for their records ‘Absalom‘, ‘Open‘, and ‘Deep‘. Today, we have launched a crowd funding campaign on PledgeMusic to fund the printing of this book:

We are excited to announce that we have been working on a sheet music book for our records ‘Absalom’ and ‘Deep’. In order to allow fans and players to delve deeper into our music, the book will feature notation and tablature (in the original tunings) of all of the stick and touch guitar parts from those records and the title tracks from ‘Open’, plus anecdotes about each song. We will be producing both physical and digital PDF versions of the score, plus a PDF version of the acoustic drum parts for Deep. All packages will also include an early version of a new studio track, entitled ‘Embracing the Sun’.

Gabriel Riccio (of Trey Gunn’s book) is creating notation for all of the parts and working closely with Markus Reuter and Tony Levin to make sure the tablature reflects exactly how the parts were played on their instruments. However, the notation will give you the tools to translate this music to another instrument of your choice, whether it be standard guitar or bass, piano, glockenspiel, or qanun. It can also serve as a study score if you’d like to analyze the music and dissect its inner workings.

If we reach 125% of our goal, we will also include our arrangement of Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite.

You will also be able to purchase digital playalong tracks to accompany the score. There will be 3 versions of each song – one without drums, one without touch guitar, and one without stick.

Your pledge is very valuable, as it will allow us to commission the transcriptions, print high quality spiral bound physical copies of the book, and mix and master the playalong tracks. If you can’t contribute, sharing the campaign will also be of great help.

Thank you,
Tony, Pat, Markus & Gabriel

Here is a sample page:
02 On Off_0004

Edit: The project has been funded at 145%, far beyond what we originally imagined – thanks a ton for all of your support!

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