Footage from three first shows

Here is the first half of the first TGC show ever:

The video features performances of Arrival in a Distant Land, Retreat Underground, Subway Dwellers, and the first part of Fear of Humanity. Take a look at the full setlist, or check out an excerpt from Sacha Mullin’s opening set.

Here is a video of the song ‘Sun Dies’ from the show Sophia and I played with CHEER-ACCIDENT on June 19 (also featuring Sacha Mullin and Dante Kester, and also at Martyrs’):

Setlist – Sophia and I also performed on ‘Language Is’ and ‘Rockabilly’, and Sophia made an appearance on ‘Ice Cream and Lies’.

And here is some footage of a cover of the So Weird song ‘Questions’ from the first show I played as a sideman for Sacha (June 13th at The Burlington – setlist):



The Gabriel Construct will be playing our first live show on October 5, 2015 at Martyrs Live in Chicago, IL (8PM). We will be appearing alongside tapping player Matt Tate’s band Pavlov and singer Sacha Mullin’s solo outfit. TGC’s lineup will be as follows:

Gabriel Riccio – Vocals, keys
Sophia Uddin – Violin, vocals
Jeff Siegfried – Sax, vocals
Sacha Mullin – Vocals, keys
Bill Banks – Guitar
Dante Kester – Bass
Thor Bremer – Drums

Bill Banks and I will also be appearing in Sacha Mullin’s band, so give his solo album a listen before coming out. We hope to see you there!

Buy Tickets ($7)

June Gigs & New Live Members

I will be playing 2 gigs in Chicago this month. Neither is with The Gabriel Construct, but both are alongside members of TGC’s new live lineup. These will be the first gigs I’ve played in nearly 2 years!

1) I will be performing keyboards and backing vocals with a talented songwriter named Sacha Mullin (CHEER-ACCIDENT, Lovely Little Girls) on Saturday 6/13 at The Burlington (9pm) (see Facebook event). Give a listen to Sacha’s debut record, Whelm – we will be performing three songs from that record and two new songs. Guzzlemug is the backing band on the album, but guitarist Shane Prendiville (also of Murmur) is the only member of Guzzlemug that will be performing with us. Shane also recently joined The Gabriel Construct’s live lineup!

The band will be filled out by C-A / LLG members Cory Bengsten on bass (though he plays sax for C-A and LLG) and L. Wyatt on vocals, in addition to drummer Ben Scholz of The Elec Tet.

2) I will be playing keys on a few songs for CHEER-ACCIDENT at Martyrs on June 19th (also 9pm) (see Facebook event). Their bass player, Dante Kester, has also joined TGC’s live lineup. Sophia Uddin will be performing violin with them, as well! Cheer-Accident have been around since the early ’80s and have released somewhere around 18 records in multiple styles.

The show is a CD release party for District 97, who served as John Wetton’s backing band for a ’70s King Crimson cover tour. It is rounded out by Lovely Little Girls, who will perform a small set in the middle of C-A’s set.

So there you have it – two gigs which I am honored to be a part of, and two new member announcements for TGC’s live band. Come out and see us in action!

A solo saxophone piece

Here’s a new video of a piece I wrote for solo saxophone in 2009.

‘Winding through Angles’ for solo alto saxophone was composed in the spring semester 2009 under the tutelage of Gerald Levinson. It is based on the ‘five note’ exercises – at any given point, the piece is centered around a group of five chromatic pitch classes contained in a major third. It modulates between different groups of five notes until all twelve pitch classes are used in the work. The first movement is a slow build, while the second movement is an exercise in frustration, simultaneously angry and mocking itself. I chose the saxophone because it is an instrument capable of great expression, largely underused in the classical world.

The piece was written for and premiered by Soren Larsen, who later performed all of the saxophone parts on Interior City. It was then performed by his teacher, who created this video. You can hear Soren’s debut performance of the piece here for comparison:

Sheet music for this piece can be purchased here or viewed below:

Into the Chamber

This week, I’d like to take a break from talking about Interior City to share some of my chamber music with you. Here is a video of ‘Between Entwines’, a collaborative work which Sophia Uddin (the violinist on Interior City) and I wrote and performed together.

This video is from our debut performance of the work at the second annual Swarthmore College Student & Alumni Composers Concert in Lang Concert Hall on October 29, 2011.

Program notes: ‘Between Entwines’ was written during the summer of 2011. It began when Gabriel sent Sophia a tiny sketch for her to augment and return. It continued to grow from there, mostly through email correspondence, with some additional work done in chat boxes and in person. It is intended to be the first entry in a series of piano/violin collaborations using the same set of motives.

Sheet music for Between Entwines can be purchased on the Stores page and can be viewed below:

Before Between Entwines and Interior City, Sophia was a member of The Mandelbrot Quartet, who performed some movements I wrote for string quartet. Here is a video of their final performance of these movements at a split concert with the jazz quartet Menage on April 22, 2011 in Lang Concert Hall:

I began writing the quartet with the ‘Interruptions’ movement, a hyperactive expression of crazed joy. The title was actually devised by Gerald Levinson, my composition teacher at the time, as the piece constantly interrupts itself. The harmonic language of the movement (chromatic contrary motion) was inspired by Ligeti’s first string quartet, while the structure was inspired by Stravinsky’s Symphonies of Wind Instruments. ‘Hedonistic Ritual’ is a short, fast and angry movement which was inspired by seeing this Dillinger Escape Plan concert and wanting to bring some of that anarchic energy to a classical concert hall.

Here is The Mandelbrot Quartet’s debut performance of ‘Interruptions’ from the first annual Swarthmore College Student and Alumni Composers Concert in Lang Concert Hall on November 6, 2010:

At the same concert, I participated in a performance of Ben Starr’s vocal composition ‘Assumpta est Maria’:

As a side note, the closing number of the Mandelbrot/Menage concert was a joint performance of Keith Jarrett’s ‘The Wind Up’ with both Mandelbrot and Menage. It’s not often that you get to see a jazz quartet and a string quartet perform together!